Butterfly Check

Matco Norca Butterfly Check Valves: Automatic
Matco Norca Butterfly Check Valves: Automatic

Wafer Check Valves
MATCO Norca is a leading supplier of high quality check valves to all phases of industry. Metal hinged dual plate check valves are designed and rated in accordance with industry (ANSI and ASME) standards.
• Minimal pressure loss. 200 psi rated @ 150°F     • Minimal installation space and time     • Cast iron body, bronze plates, NBR seat and stainless steel trim
• Ideal for pools, water parks and water features

Note - install minimum 5 pipe diameters downstream from pump discharge or elbow to avoid turbulence

Spears Butterfly Check Valves: Automatic - PVC \ EPDM
Butterfly Check Valves: Automatic - PVC \ EPDM

Design Features
This multi-purpose check valve provides an extremely low profile and very quick response to back flow without slamming. The special design requires no more space then a piece of pipe, and incorporates a flexible elastomer seal for long life, and is suitable for mounting in any position for greater versatility.
Technical Information
2" through 8" sizes are rated for 150 psi @ 73°F, 10" and 12" sizes are rated for 100 psi @ 73°F. As a general guideline, opening and closing pressures will range from .2 to .5 psi for horizontal applications. Opening pressures tend to decrease in large size valves. Valves installed in vertical up-flow applications will require slightly higher pressures.
• PVC or CPVC construction - no metal components     • Quick response shut-off in any position     • Field replaceable Flex-Seal - EPDM or Viton®
• Assembled with silicon-free, water soluble lubricants     • Available with either spigot, flanged, grooved pipe or male threaded ends
• Sizes now available to 24" pipe size - call for information