Globe Valve

Asahi/America Globe Valves can be used frequently to throttle flow to any degree or to give positive shutoff. The flow through the globe valve follows a course that takes two 90° changes in direction. But, because the seating of a globe valve is parallel to the line of flow of the liquid, it can be used to throttle the flow to any required degree or to give positive shut-offs. The economy and dependability of the Globe Valve make it desirable for many applications where pressure drop is not critical. Asahi/America Globe Valves use an unplasticized PVC polymer. This material has excellent chemical resistance, strength, rigidity, and modulus of elasticity. It resists attack by most acids and strong alkalis. Its temperature limit is 140°F; this, and the overall balance of properties, make it well suited for a wide number of corrosive applications.

• Pressure rating 1/2" - 2" (150 psi), 3" and 4" (110 psi) at ambient temperature   • Used for efficient and frequent throttling of flow   • Corrosion-resistant, no metal parts

Spears Clear PVC Y-Pattern Valve: Manually Actuated - PVC \ EPDM
Spears Clear PVC Y-Pattern Valve: Manually Actuated - PVC \ EPDM

The Y-Pattern valve is a closing-down, globe type valve design that provides proportional opening to seating disk travel. As such, Y-pattern valves are ideally suited for flow regulating applications. The Y-pattern configuration reduces pressure loss over that of a standard globe valve. Available in IPS sizes 1/2” - 4” with socket, SR thread, flanged or socket union ends.

• Multiple turn, open and close ensures fine adjustment   • Good throttling and control characteristics   • Standard O-ring seal seating disk and seals   • IPS connections - 1/2" through 4" sizes   • EPDM or FKM seals available