Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut Support Systems

Channel Framing- All Aickinstrut channels, except the SST series, incorporate a patented flange design which provides reliable fastening and interlocking of Aickinstrut components and accessories. Channels are provided in standard lengths of 10' with longer lengths available upon request. Aickinstrut channel is available in the following three non-metallic materials:
• Polyester (P material)
• Vinyl Ester (V material)
• PVC (E material)
Superior Chemical Resistance- Made from entirely non-metallic, corrosion-resistant resins, Aickinstrut can be used in demanding environments where steel strut systems have traditionally failed. Its lightweight components can be installed quickly and easily using standard metal working tools. All Aickinstrut parts incorporate the highest quality materials to provide superior chemical resistance, strength, flame resistance and ultraviolet protection.

P-Series Fittings are Gray Polyester, V-Series Fittings are Beige Vinyl Ester. 2500 Series Fittings are Flat, 2800 Series Fittings are Grooved