Wafer Check

New WCV-Series Full Pattern Wafer Check Valve features a robust thermoplastic construction with industry leading flow rates, and eliminates the need for spacers or specialty flanges. The unique angle seat and disc seat allows for high flow rates and excellent sealing characteristics. Hayward Wafer Check Valves are furnished ready for installation with two built-in o-ring FPM or EPDM flange seals. There is no need to purchase additional, expensive flange gaskets. Available with 316SS or Hastelloy disc spring with an opening pressure of .5 PSI and sealing pressure of 3.0 PSI on size range.

• No need for spacers and specialty flanges   • PVC or CPVC 150 psi @ 70°F all sizes and materials   • Contoured inlet port for easy flow, higher Cv rating equal to metal valves   • Integral bolt eyes for ease of installation of larger sizes