Filter Cartridge

Suez Hytrex Filter Cartridge: Polypro
uez Hytrex Filter Cartridge: Polypro

GEs’ unique one step manufacturing process continuously extrudes and thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibers into a complex filter matrix. Microfilaments plus precise control maximize the positive filtration characteristics of graded density, tight micron cutoffs and maximum void area with millions of tortuous paths. This fully automated manufacturing process assures consistent quality, filter to filter, year in and year out. New thermal and vacuum finishing procedures produce exceptionally clean filters imprinted for easy identification in the field.

• Highest quality lot-controlled polypropylene   • Contains no wetting agents, solvents, anti-static agents, binders or additives of any kind   • Inert material means broad chemical compatibility.   • No leachables or extractables   • Fast rinse up in high purity applications   • Meets FDA requirements for food and beverage contact   • NSF Standard 42 certified

Hytrex is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.