Low Extractable High Purity PVC Fittings

High-quality Low Extractable High Purity components are designed to yield optimum performance for each fitting. Material reinforcement is uniformly placed in stress concentration areas for substantially improved pressure-handling capability. Specialty transition fittings incorporate a stainless steel retaining ring that provides a strong, leak-tight seal for plastic-to-metal transitions while reducing problems associated with over-tightening. Low Extractable High Purity fittings are produced in strict dimensional compliance with ASTM D2467 to Schedule 80 dimensions. Components produced to these dimensions ensure strong, leak-tight connections with exceptional pressure-bearing capability that can be assembled quickly using inexpensive joining tools.
Joining Process
The Low Extractable High Purity system utilizes a one-step solvent-cementing system specifically formulated for use with this product. Unlike conventional PVC solvent cements, this system contains fewer contaminants and cures quickly, reducing the potential for TOC contamination. Joining is accomplished quickly and efficiently utilizing inexpensive tools, thereby greatly reducing labor and installation costs.

Warning - not for use with compressed air or gases !