Flange Gaskets, Bolt Packs and Stud Packs

Full-Face (Flat) Flange Gasket Features:
• ANSI full-face dimensions
• Larger sizes available on request
• 1/8" is the standard thickness
Low-Torque (Raised Rib) AV-Gasket Features:
• Concentric convex sealing rings
• Perfect sealing at low bolt torque
• EPDM hardness 65-66 durometer
• PVDF or Teflon® bonded to EPDM for maximum chemical resistance

Bolt Packs - for flange to flange connection. Includes bolts, washers and nuts (gaskets purchased separately). 
Stud Packs - supplied with nuts, washers and threaded rod cut to sufficient length to assemble a plastic butterfly valve, two plastic flanges and gaskets.