PVC Schedule 40 Piping System

PVC Schedule 40 Pipe and Fittings, corrosion-resistant pressure pipe, IPS sizes 1/8" through 24" for use at temperatures up to and including 140°F. Pressure ratings vary with pipe size and operating temperature - refer to temperature table. Generally resistant to most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens. Advantages of using PVC piping include: Broad chemical resistance, high tensile and impact strength, light weight – easy to handle and install, smooth surfaces for low friction losses and higher flow rates, easily joined by simple solvent cement joining method. Available in pipe, fittings and valves as well as many accessory items.
Physical Properties / Characteristics
• Withstands temperatures to 140°F   • NSF approved for potable water service
   • Lightweight - 1/5 the weight of most metals   • Can be cemented, welded or machined   • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance   • No galvanic attack from soil or metals   • Low heat transfer - good insulating qualities   • Good electrical insulation values   • Resistant to abrasion with slurries   • Virtually no contamination of process fluids   • Rated self-extinguishing in fire testing
PVC Schedule 40 Specifications - Scope - PVC Schedule 40 meets the minimum requirements for iron pipe size (IPS) pressure pipe. This is intended for use in industrial systems where fluid temperature does not exceed 140°F. This pipe meets or exceeds the standards and requirements as set forth by ASTM and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). PVC Materials - Produced from PVC compound, Type I, Grade I, with a cell classification of 12454 as defined by ASTM D1784. Dimensions - PVC Schedule 40 is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ASTM D1785 for physical dimensions and tolerances.

* Standard color is white, with 1/8" through 3/8" pipe sizes standard color of gray. Larger pipe sizes are also available in gray. Belled-end schedule 40 pipe available