PVC Clear Piping System

Georg Fischer Harvel Clear Rigid PVC piping provides a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many piping applications, particularly those where visual monitoring of processes is critical. The benefits of rigid PVC piping are well-recognized: exceptional corrosion resistance; smooth interior walls for smooth flow and reduced sediment build-up; non-contaminating for purity applications; fast reliable solvent-welded connections; good pressure-bearing capability; and ease of handling and installation, to name a few.
• Manufactured to Schedule 40 and 80 - IPS dimensions
• Full line of 1/4" through 8" clear fittings
• Simple solvent-welded joining techniques
• Fully compatible with standard PVC pipe and fittings
• Corrosion and chemical resistant and non-conductive
• Resistant to bacterial and biological activity
• Lightweight, easy to handle and install
• Neatly packaged on-line, providing clean, scratch-free quality
• Lower overall installed cost than other alternatives
• Pipe has UL94 V-0 fire rating

* Exposure to sunlight (UVR) and certain chemicals will effect the clarity of this product over time.