Low Extractable High-Purity PVC Piping System

Low Extractable High Purity piping systems provide a cost-effective alternative to other piping materials typically used for ultra-pure water applications in the semi-conductor, electronics, biotechnology and other industries. Lower material costs combined with fast, reliable installation greatly reduce installation costs - resulting in significant savings without jeopardizing water quality. In addition to significant cost savings, Low Extractable High Purity piping systems offer several other advantages for ultra-pure water applications. These include: non-contaminating material with extremely low-extractable contaminants (particularly TOC and trace metals), ultra-smooth interior walls, strong Schedule 80 dimensions, specialty one-step solvent cement joining system that cures fast, and unique translucency for visual inspection of joint integrity.
Physical Properties
Although the extractable contaminants of Low Extractable High Purity are much lower than common PVC piping, Low Extractable High Purity has physical properties very similar to those of conventional PVC piping. As a result, Low Extractable High Purity products exhibit the well-known physical characteristics and other benefits of conventional PVC piping, such as good chemical and corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, high strength-to-weight ratio, good impact resistance, and ease of installation.

All Low Extractable High Purity pipe is double-bagged and boxed on-line for high purity environments. Sold in standard 15’ lengths only. Low Extractable High Purity piping is not formulated for outdoor use, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) will affect the physical properties