Swing Check

Hayward Swing Check Valves: Automatic - PVC \ EPDM
Hayward Swing Check Valves: Automatic - PVC \ EPDM

Twice the Temperature / Pressure Rating
Hayward Swing Check Valves have up to twice the temperature/pressure rating of other plastic swing check valves and can often replace metal valves
in many applications.
Built-In O-Ring Flange Seals
Hayward Swing Check Valves are furnished ready for installation with two built-in o-ring flange seals. There is no need to purchase additional, expensive
flange gaskets.
Self-Aligning Clapper Seal
Bubble-tight checking, with a minimum of only 3 psi back pressure, is assured with Hayward’s rugged, self-aligning clapper seal design.

• 225 psi @ 70°F (3" and 4")     • Flanged Connections     • Two Drain Ports     • Viton® or EPDM Seals
• Horizontal or Vertical Mount     • No Flange Gaskets Required     • Reversible  Seats

• Counterweight for Closing Assistance     • Limit switch for Position Indication     • Spring Assist Closure