PVC Schedule 80 Fittings

• PVC Sch. 80 fittings produced from PVC Cell Class 12454
• Type 1, Grade 1 - Gray PVC Fittings
• NSF approved for use with potable water
• Socket fittings conform to ASTM D-2467
• Threaded fittings conform to ASTM D-2464 

( F ) Fabricated fitting

Warning - not for use with compressed air or gases !

Expansion Joint: Socket
PVC Expansion Joint: Socket

Linear expansion and contraction from temperature fluctuations can be a major problem in thermoplastic piping systems. Forces left uncontrolled can literally tear systems apart. Spears Expansion Joint allows a telescoping movement of an inner pipe within a firmly mounted outer tube to eliminate such damage. Available in CPVC 1/2" through 12" and PVC 1/2" through 14" IPS piping systems, in 6" or 12" maximum travel lengths. Custom produced for virtually any pipe diameter.