Tigerflex Hose
Spa-Flex Hose

Kuriyama - Spa-Flex Hose

Specially designed for use in the installation of tubs, spas, swimming pools, filters, and similar water-transfer applications. Spa Hose is very flexible and is ideal for working in confined areas, permitting the installer to make smooth, tight turns which saves time and labor.
Spa Hose Features:
• 28" HG vacuum rating through size range
• Cements together with PVC socket fittings
• Smooth interior - provides smooth flow path
• Cost savings - typically requires fewer fittings than rigid piping - 50' and 100' coils
• Solid cream color, clear available on request

Spa Hose may be connected by means of standard schedule 40 or 80 PVC
solvent-cemented fittings, use with primers and PVC cements designed for use with flexible
piping components. 

Spa Hose may be compounded on special order to meet NSF-50 requirements.

Note - Spa Hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects, including termites. The Manufacturers warranty does not cover damages caused by them. Spa Hose should not be used underground in areas infested by termites.

Priced by the foot.