General Purpose - Controllers for Transmitters: LI55
Controllers for Transmitters: LI55

General purpose AC or DC powered level controller displays engineering units with one 4-20 mA level transmitter input and is offered in three configurations with optional 2 or 4 programmable relays, and an isolated 4-20 mA repeater. Each relay can be configured on a single set point (high level alarm or low level alarm) or latched on two set points for automatic fill or empty in simplex (one pump or valve) or duplex (two pumps) level control modes.

LED main display and secondary unit display with relay status. Isolated power supply to sensor with optional 4-20 mA repeater. Capable of displaying units in gallons, liters, inches, feet, meters or percent of liquid. Add 2 or 4 relays to control tank pumps, valves or alarms. Add repeater output to repeat the 4-20 mA signal to another PLC, SCADA or display.

LI55-1011, LI55-1211, LI55-1411  includes a 4-20mA Repeater

General Purpose - Indicators for Transmitters: LI23
Indicators for Transmitters: LI23

The general purpose loop powered level indicator displays engineering units connected in series with one 4-20 mA continuous level transmitter, and is available with two optional relays and an isolated 4-20 mA repeater. Select this panel mount indicator for use with general purpose two-wire level transmitters. 

LCD main display with secondary unit and bar graph display. Easy configuration via the push button display module. Available with two solid-state, latching relays and an isolated 4-20 mA repeater