Finish Thompson Mag Drive Pumps

Finish Thompson DB3 Series
Finish Thompson DB3 SeriesFinish Thompson DB3 Series

Finish Thompson DB3, 4 and 5 Series magnetic drive, seal-less pumps are the new standard for hydraulic efficiency and corrosive fluid handling. These fractional horsepower pumps can be used for highly corrosive or mild chemicals, acids or solvents at flows to 20 GPM or up to 35 feet of head pressure. DB5.5 Series pumps perform up to 30 gpm or head pressures to 30 feet. Constructed from polypropylene or PVDF, the DB Series operates durably in the most corrosive of environments. It can even run dry without damage when supplied with carbon bushing.

Flow Range
• DB3: 0.25 to 15.1 gpm   • DB4: 0.25 to 18.0 gpm   • DB5: 0.25 to 19.4 gpm   • DB5.5: 0.25 to 30.0 gpm