Double-Wall and Containment Tanks

Snyder DCT Double Wall Tanks: HDLPE 1.9 SG
Snyder DCT Double Wall Tanks: HDLPE 1.9 SG


Smaller dual-containment tanks provide added safety and environmental protection in more confined or remote storage locations.  The advanced double-wall tank design is enclosed to prohibit foreign matter from entering the secondary containment tank, and a unique octagonal shape provides optimal spacing and sealing surface for the industry’s most reliable transition fitting.

  • Rib Reinforced Flat Top Design provides ample surface space for chemical feed pump mounting.
  • Transition Fitting allows side safe installation and long-term sealing power through both walls of your dual containment tank. (optional)
  • Large Flat Surface Area provides ample space for a variety of fitting sizes and styles.
  • Secondary Containment Tank provides 120% of inner tank’s capacity. Complies with CFR-264.193.