Ball Check Valve

Chemtrol Ball Check Valves: Automatic - CPVC \ EPDM
Chemtrol Ball Check Valves: Automatic - CPVC \ EPDM

Reliable Heavy-Duty Design
Chemtrol True Union Ball Check Valves heavy-duty stub-acme thread seal carrier retaining ring provides more reliability than other designs. Standard features - Teflon® seats, assembled with silicone-free lubricant.
Horizontal or Vertical Operation
Designed to operate effectively in horizontal or vertical positions. Equally effective in checking back flow from head pressure on the discharge or suction sides of pumps. 
Maximum Internal Pressure of 150 psi at 73° F for the most demanding applications of 1/2"- 4" valves.
Screen Assemblies
PVC and CPVC screens are available for easy conversion to foot valves, in all sizes.